[Marketing] The Importance of an Ideas Folder

Monday, August 15, 2011 Laura Fitzgerald

A quick post today while I wait for a phone call at the office.  I'm starving folks, but it'll be another hour or so before I can get home to some frozen waffles. Mmmm, waffles.

Many writers keep a folder or digital archive of their ideas, inspirations, false starts, and what-have-you. It's a great idea, because you never know when inspiration will hit. By that same token, you never know when marketing inspiration will hit you in the face like a waffle out of a sonic-powered-toaster.

Meredith Barnes, posted something to her blog today that I wanted to reshare for two reasons.

First, Eric Telchin shares his experience behind the marketing of Boy Sees Hearts. There is a ton of great info in this post, and I really urge you to check it out. Unlike a lot of marketing posts out there, Eric delivers value with a charming light-hearted tone that matches his brand beautifully.

Secondly, because something Meredith said on her blog needs to be repeated: "Case studies, man. Case studies is where it's at."


Past experience and discovery informs the present, and can greatly help you in planning and executing your current and future marketing strategies. There is a catch though. You can't expect the same results by replicating the successful marketing campaigns of the near-past. Every blog post and tweet should be viewed as moment in time that can't never be revisited in exactly the same way.  A marketing ideas folder can help you avoid wasting time on things that didn't work for others. It may help you to pick up on strategies that compliment your own voice, genre, and skills or spark a new idea entirely. An inspiration folder can also help you through the marketing equivalent of Writer's Block.  (Oh it happens, and it is just as awful. T_T)

As you roam the internet, be aware of those things that you find affect you in a meaningful way - even if it's not publishing related.  Anything that influences your buying habits or convinces you to interact with a website, fan page, or author is a point of data that may be valuable to you in your role as a marketer. Take the two seconds and bookmark it for later use. The burden on any marketer is to apply creativity to a basic core concept, expand on it, and grow it into a fresh approach.

Fortunately, writers tend to be fabulously creative people.


vickykarin said...

This is great information! And the waffle looks DELICIOUS! I am an inexperienced entrepreneur in the baking industry and I have a newfound interest in link building and online marketing. I'm looking for a good SEO Company that can help me with my online marketing campaigns for my cupcake business. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I agree with vicky. That waffle does look good! I was talking to a ppc agency about a potential online marketing campaign, and they also suggested having a marketing folder. I never really understood what was so important about it, but now it all makes a whole lot more sense to me. Thank you for clarifying.

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