[Marketing] The Fun Factor

Thursday, May 26, 2011 Laura Fitzgerald

I cannot stress how important it is to have fun with your blog.  If blogging is nothing more than a chore to you, something that you have to do because you've been told you need to market your book or platform, it'll be obvious to your readers.  If it's boring to you then it'll be boring to them, and you'll be unhappy with the results of your efforts which fuels the downward spiral.  The more your indifference grows then the less engaging your content will become, and your traffic will putter away to a pittance.

There will be boring posts some days and that's okay.  There is a certain kind of meta information that must get communicated to your audience and certain news just doesn't always lend itself to thrilling blog copy.  Life is kinda like that too and in-between the quieter moments you've got to find an element of fun. 

Doing so is important for both you and the reader. It gives the reader reason to keep reading and to come back often which in turn exposes them to your product and/or brand again on every visit.  It also makes the act of blogging more fun for you and less of a chore.  Keep the fun factor at the forefront of your mind as you sit down to write and it will enliven your blog copy.

If you're struggling with coming up with content for your own blog, the best way to find what is Fun is to turn inward.  Look to your own passions, interests, and habits or those of your characters.  Try to find things that are unique to you and that you enjoy to give your blog more life and variety. The truth is, you never know what will resonate with your readers.  When you do find out, that data is worth gold!  But until you figure it out, you should experiment a little and cast your net in other waters, but waters where you'll have fun doing so.

A quick thing about Fun - when I talk about it, I do not mean to imply anything of of the following nature.  Take a moment to watch this clip from Family Guy. I'm sure that many of you will remember the original bit that spawned this sequel.  This type of Fun is just a gimmick. Gimmicks and cliches are not a sincere way to market or build your brand.  Be careful when you're having fun that you don't turn into a wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-balloon-man. Happy, excitable, and crazy can be funny, but not always fun.  You want your audience laughing with you; never at you.


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