[YA & Books] A Reading Funk

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 Laura Fitzgerald

Guys, so I finished Divergent by Veronica Roth not too long ago and OMG.  It was SO good!  It was SO good that it blew my mind.  It was SO good that I couldn't sleep at night.  Over three weeks later, I am still trying to decide what faction I would have chosen.  This is some serious business, folks.  I've got it bad. 

Now I can't seem to get into any other book that I start reading.  Memorial Day weekend was supposed to have been spent at the end of the dock with a book in my hand and a box of Pop Tarts at my side. But nothing is hitting that sweet spot quite like Divergent did.  It's like everything else is a plain Pop Tart but all I want is the Strawberry Frosted ones.  I am drooling in eager anticipation for more, and it feels like nothing else will do.

So you might say that I'm in a funk, a reading funk. Usually when this happens I take a quick break and turn to some craft projects to get me through it. There is a certain sense of achievement that comes of making something with your own hands whether it's art, pottery, writing, or sewing.  It is usually grounding enough to distract me from the euphoria of having found something marvelous and new. When I get into these manic moods, I'll start and finish a new project. But since finishing Divergent, I've crocheted three scarves and will be starting on a Hunger Games themed project next that may very well take me all summer to complete.

So my questions for you this week are: does this ever happen to you (obviously I don't mean fiber-art based anxiety attacks). What do you do to get out of these reading funks?   Do you turn to a hobby?  Do you read out of your normal genre?  Do you reread beloved favorites?

And since it's Wednesday, let's hear some of those #WaitingOnWednesday picks.  Maybe something will inspire me to pick up a book again.

P.S. Read Divergent. Do it. You must. Do it now!


delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Oh my gosh. I am having THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I've read three books since Divergent and none of them got me even a bit excited. In fact, two of them I didn't finish, and the third made me angry. I just bought The Girl in the Steel Corset for my Nook, and I'm hoping for post-Divergent redemption.


Plot Junkie said...

I was in one of those funks...then I attempted to read two god-awful books that were so bad I had to drink everytime I read them to get through the next 20 pages. It seemed to cure me. But then again, Caitlin Kittredge's The Iron Thorn is turning out to be so awesome that it may put me into another funk!
So lesson here: force yourself to read something incredibly awful and then anything will be a much better read!

Laura Fitzgerald said...

@Deliah I am torn between the polar opposites: Abnegation and Dauntless. I was touched by both but know that I would struggle at both ways of life.

@Plot_Junkie Haha, maybe you're right.

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